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Essential Oil Diffuser Blend Guide

Are you new to essential oils or looking for some fresh inspiration for your diffuser blends? Well you’ve landed in the right place! I’m excited to share my essential oil blend guide with you. You will find all of our favourite blends we use in our home. From mood and emotions to supporting our wellness, I have a blend for…
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Ayurvedic Facial Steaming with Essential Oils & Herbs

Ayurvedic facial steaming with essential oils and herbs is a beautiful way to take a moment to pause, be mindful and nourish your skin. I love to do this in the evening before I take my shower as it opens the pores an allows the goodness of my serums and moisturisers to be absorbed into the deep layers of the…
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How to make your own Lavender Smudge Stick

Spring is the best time to prune and harvest your lavender shrubs. You want to give them a good prune to encourage fresh new growth and lots of flowers. It also keeps them under control, I’ve made the mistake of letting them get too big and woody in the past. They’re a beautiful addition to any cottage, medicinal or aromatherapy…
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